eBook – the best apps for motorhome campsite search in Europe

Guide for over 20 camping apps for smartphone and tablet – tested by UMIWO

If you want to save yourself trouble and costs by buying many apps that turn out to be unsuitable only during use, this easy-to-understand guide will help you find the right app for downloading in no time. Many apps are available in a free version, but only in the paid pro version are often important functions integrated. We have always tested both versions. This comparison test helps you to make a decision and can save you money, because the costs per app are between 5 and 17 Euros. We have tested over 20 campsite apps for the Android operating system, which are all available in the Google Play Store. The best 10 apps are described in detail. Also users of Apple iOS and Windows Phone get information if the app is available for them.

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The eBook has 65 pages, contains over 18,000 words and more than 80 color illustrations of the apps.

We describe more than 20 apps, 10 of them in an intensive test, which offer more than 10,000 parking sites in Germany and Europe.

The 10 apps were tested and described in detail in 12 categories.

Our recommendations will help you to get a good insight into the presented apps, so that choosing the right „tool“ for a trip with your motorhome is easy and all can find their dream places.

Our additional eBook „Plus“ contains a tabular comparison overview of the eBook with a presentation of many features and functions of the apps. The tabular data contains well over 2,000 empirically collected and compared data.

Testimonials from our customers

11.05.2020 by Reto from living-in-a-box.ch: „Comprehensive and very detailed overview of all relevant campsite apps in the vanlife and camping sector. The many screenshots give you a quick impression of how the individual apps are structured. The eBook is also ideal for us as long-time professionals, as it has enabled us to discover new apps that we simply didn’t have on our screens yet. The only thing we would have wished for was a link back to the complete overview (only for PDF version). Thumbs up!“

23.05.2020 by Florian from camper.help: „Many thanks Volker for this infinitely laborious work. A great overview in 65 pages ! of the most important apps and functions“.

25.05.2020 by Erich Wiener: The eBook has fulfilled our expectations and is in line with our experience in using the apps. Thanks a lot!“

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with 14-day right of return

Table of Contents

  1. The 10 best apps in the intensive test
  2. Another 12 apps – briefly introduced
  3. Final conclusion
  4. Appendix – How we tested

Reading rehearsals

with 14-day right of return

Product details

Title: The best apps for motorhome campsite search in Europe

Author: Volker Krause (UMIWO travel blog)

Format: eBook as PDF via download for Tablet, Smartphone, PC, Mac

Number of pages: 65

Date of publication: 1 May 2020

Edition: 2.0

ISBN: 9783969175088

Price: 2,99 € (incl. tax)

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with 14-day right of return